On each of our projects, we conduct in-depth analyses to maximise cost reductions

Window wall systems, which were specifically created and engineered by Ultra Building Tech

The company can accomplish high-quality work on all types of projects

In order to use glass in its purest form, we creates novel techniques and architectural ideas


Ultra Building Tech

We at Ultra Building Tech with our industry experience, are able to make façade systems operate as efficiently as possible, improving not just the end user’s comfort but also the safety of nearby pedestrians. When designing façade systems, consideration is given to the building’s energy efficiency in addition to more obvious aspects such as maintaining air and water tightness.

Our design advancements benefit greatly from research and development, or R&D. When creating our ideas, we are continually looking for the most suitable materials to form the components of the façade. We don’t take anything for granted and always think there’s a better way to approach design.

Façade system design and engineering, Design certification, Inspection & Auditing for your Projects

One of your building's most complex features that greatly affects how appealing it looks is its façade.


Any construction process that seeks to guarantee that all the products to be utilised in the project


An important aspect of any façade building project is façade certification, which is done to make sure that your façade complies with requirements.


Ultra Building Tech sincerely thinks that factory inspection offers a chance to improve the manufacturing process by regulating quality and safety


It can take a lot of work for asset owners and operators to reconcile and make procurement decisions


An emerging specialised service called façade audit or forensics makes a micro-level diagnosis of the façade design.


We work with you to build, grow and accelerate your business

Every building is unique and created with a specific function in mind to best serve the end user, as understood by Ultra Building Tech. The requirements for façade engineering also vary. For this reason, when developing the envelope system, we always take into account the type of building constraints, tenant needs, and façade requirements. We work with the most known experts from various related sectors to guarantee the greatest outcome for your building façade.

A right choice that makes the difference to others

  • Verification of the production design of the plan
  • initially inspecting the production
  • storage of raw materials is inspected
  • Examination of quality assurance procedures
  • Process monitoring
  • monitoring of packing.
  • random examination
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