SpecialitiesUnitized Curtain Walls

We are specialized in Unitized Curtain Walls

On each of our projects, we conduct in-depth analyses to maximise cost reductions (while maintaining structural integrity). From the initial stages of design all the way through installation inspection, we handle it all. We also take care of the intermediate steps, like product sourcing and factory inspections of the installed equipment.
Unitized systems have the following benefits due to their production and installation processes (the units are ready for installation):
  • A lesser amount of time is needed for installation (perhaps only 33% of the time needed for stick constructed systems).
  • reduced labour expenses (a direct result of faster installation)
  • Because the units are made and glazed in a climate-controlled environment, they are of a high calibre.
  • Unitized systems take substantially longer to instal on-site. The units’ construction, however, might take anywhere from six months to a year to complete. On-site installation labour costs might be replaced by fabrication expenditures.

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