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In order to use glass in its purest form, façade construction specialist Ultra Building Tech creates novel techniques and architectural ideas. Structural glass, sometimes known as all-glass, is both intricate and simple. The characteristics of the building envelopes that Ultra Building Tech provides for renowned architects are minimalism, maximum transparency, enormous glass forms, and incredible attention to detail. You won’t be able to find the fixings.
Heavy loads are carried by the glass itself via shear-resistant interlayers. That creates entirely new opportunities for inside glass bridges, steps, and balustrades as well as glass roofs and façades. Modern metal fixtures are either fastened in resin-grouted holes or bonded between the individual glass plies. 

The fixtures connect glass staircase treads to glass stair strings or a façade’s glass outer casing to its glass fins. Custom fittings made of titanium or stainless steel take account of tolerances and transfer loads into the glass precisely as intended. They attach the panes to continuous glass fins at vertical connections, which, like glass beams, serve as load-bearing members.

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