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Meeting requirements and expectations is frequently equated with quality. The latter is more significant, particularly when discussing building materials. Low quality and noncompliance will jeopardise the structural integrity of the building and the safety of the occupants.

Because of this, facade engineers give both the quality of the materials and their installation equal weight. The manufacturing of these materials must adhere to the standards established by the developers and builders. For instance, the materials for the facade (stick-built or unitized) should be produced in a climate-controlled setting with the necessary levels of pressure, temperature, and humidity.

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Whatever the situation, the most crucial factor is still the material's quality. Failure to meet requirements may cause widespread fires, a collapsed facade, and other events. Materials used in the construction of facades frequently go through thorough testing to prevent these problems. The materials could be examined, for instance, by subjecting them to higher temperatures and pressures. This is done to make it appear as though the facade is on fire. The material's integrity may also be tested using higher wind speeds.

Advanced computer modelling may be used in addition to rigors testing to ascertain whether the materials can resist environmental conditions. The simulation can involve "testing" the installed materials.
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