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Cladding is a significant outside element of the building envelope, helping to control wind loads and prevent rain from entering the structure. The protection and safety of the building and its occupants are ensured by the expert cladding and facade testing services we provide, which assist you in meeting today’s strict construction regulations.

In order to validate designs, our experts at Ultra Building Tech test a number of products and cladding materials both on-site and during the pre-construction stage. We evaluate windows, doors, curtain walls, stone facades, pressure-equalized rain screens, aluminium, composite, and PVC sidings for both residential and commercial buildings.

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We examine cladding and facades for structural qualities like racking, air leakage, and water penetration. Our aim is to make sure that your product is both airtight and watertight, has the stiffness and strength to withstand wind loads, and shields the structure from the elements.

Ultra Building Tech is your experienced partner in all tests relating to the effectiveness of cladding and facades, with well-equipped facilities and devoted experts for air tightness, water penetration, acoustic, and failure analysis. With the aid of our services, you may create a properly sealed building that conforms with the increasingly strict building regulations and green energy standards.
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