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One of your building’s most complex features that greatly affects how appealing it looks is its façade. The materials used in a building’s façade are extremely prone to failure as a result of constant exposure to environmental factors and pollution. Because of this, façade engineering is a highly technical procedure that necessitates a very high level of expertise.

For all different sorts of building exteriors since 2022, Ultra Building Tech has been actively involved in delivering a broad spectrum of façade technologies and Consultation. A good façade design must take into account the main structural support, such as concrete or steel. We have experts that possess extensive façade and structural engineering design experience and fully comprehend structural components, ground material science, and related factors. These characteristics are there to aid in the evaluation of building movement and, as a result, guarantee a superior façade design.

Our services for Facade Design, Construction and Engineering include :

  • Facade Design & Development

  • Structural Engineering Design & Testing

  • Thermal Assessment

  • Acoustic Assessment

  • Waterproofing Assessment & Testing

We worked with reputed companies in the world

Aesthetics, structural and mechanical engineering, material science, procurement, fabrication, and constructability are just a few of the variables our team considers. We can provide attractive and financially sound solutions to ever-evolving architectural difficulties by having a thorough understanding of these specialised fields. Such solutions can be produced by utilising cutting-edge design and engineering tools, including specially upgraded software and 3D modelling, technological improvements in materials, and frequently just by using common sense design ideas that have been put to the test repeatedly throughout time.

Our strategy is centred on identifying solutions that are more affordable, durable, and increase building efficiency. We are dedicated to working with other designers who share our beliefs and who have the experience and knowledge to recognise that a successful collaboration will result in successful output.
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